Today, we stand at a threshold where the global energy crisis needs to be immediately addressed. “Conserving Planet Program” is an educational, participative program by our Eco Club that aims to educate children about energy saving, energy efficiency, green energy, recyclable sources, and renewable sources of energy. It not only teaches the students about efficient energy management but also gives hands on experience for children to learn and adopt energy efficient methods.

The program emphasizes on our commitment towards our planet and society and considers that the youth of today will be the change agents for tomorrow. Around 100 students registered for this program. As a part of this program, students were asked to submit their home electricity bills for four months so as to bring about awareness on their monthly electricity consumption.

The first session was held on 10th October in the school campus, and a presentation was shown to the green volunteers on how to save electricity.  All the participants took an oath to save the Earth and actively focus on reducing their carbon foot print.

In nature nothing exists alone ~ Rachel Carson