At DRS International, we take time to plan the career of our students from IBDP, to the next level, at the universities in India and in foreign countries.  Representatives of various universities get invited on regular basis to our school campus, to educate our IBDP students, who are at the threshold of exploring future educational opportunities.  Apart from presentations on how to systematically apply to universities, we also discuss various options with students and look into their requirements so the guidance is more accurate and suitable to our students.

Ms. Nikita Samanta, Programme Manager at Ashoka University, Delhi NCR was invited to school in November. She explained the curriculum of Ashoka (i.e. Liberal Arts) and what it entails. She explained the programs offered, the application procedure and format of transcripts required. The students were extremely enthusiastic about this visit as it is a great alternative to the expensive liberal arts education, abroad.

Mr. Gopi Kishan from Hult International Business School was invited in December. As a lot of students are interested in pursuing their undergraduate studies in Business & Management, he expanded on the education experience at HULT, their campus (spread over 3 continents and 6 countries) and their rigorous and practical focus on business studies. Students raised questions related to tuition fees, curriculum, corporate tie-ups and internship offered.

Ms. Sophie Collet from Paris Institute of Political Studies (SciencesPo) also visited the DP classes in December to explain the application procedure to SciencesPo which is quite different from applications to the US or UK. She also explained about their Dual Degree programme, a joint partnership with almost 410 universities globally and other significant tie-ups.  According to Top Universities rankings, SciencesPO is 5th in the world foolr Politics and International Studies in 2015 (1st in Continental Europe).

Keep looking out for more to come…..

Ms. Mehek Vajawat, French Facilitator & Career Counsellor