Gender Sensitivity Program (GSP) is an endeavour to reduce the barriers in development created by sexism in the society. Gender sensitivity aids to generate respect for an individual regardless of his or her gender.It is all about changing behaviour and instilling empathy into the views that we hold about our own and the other sex.

During GSP activities, our students find themselves examining their personal attitudes and beliefs by questioning the “realities” they thought they knew. They are encouraged to re-evaluate their assumptions in matters of gender which are stereotyped, generalized or utterly biased.

GSP is not about becoming sensitive but to be more open-minded and intellectually aware about the complementary roles of both genders.

Nitya of Grade X says “We are not feminists – we are for equal rights and complementary roles of man and woman”. We hope that the program will encourage our students to appreciate and treat their fellow humans with greater consideration and compassion.

Ms. Janet Fanaian, Facilitator