“Create to Inspire” Program by Microsoft was initiated in 2015, to drive eco-sustainability.  A set of 14 activities were compiled by Microsoft – at DRS International School, eight activities were carried out as part of the Program.

Energy Turn off Save: This project aimed at creating awareness about power consumption. In order to conserve electricity at the school, the students placed “Power Detectors” on switchboards, to serve as a reminder to turn off power, when not in use.

Energy Carbon Footprint:  Use of one sided paper, opting for school transportation, conserving electricity were some of the efforts made by the children to  contribute to eco sustainability.

 Product Design:  Working models of cars, fans, lights, study lamps etc., were created by our students using waste or unused objects. These models worked completely on renewable sources of energy such as solar energy.

Products Think before Buying: Awareness was created amongst our students with regards to their buying behaviour. They were made aware of the difference in buying products which they “need” rather than “want”.  The children have pledged to think before buying in order to reduce the waste which gets accumulated over a period of time.

E-waste Awareness: An e-waste collection drive was carried out in the school campus. Students were educated on the importance of discarding e-waste, the right way. It was a proud moment for the school when over 110kgs of e-waste was collected and sent to Microsoft for proper recycling and then reuse.

Environmental Petition: Increased awareness about the happenings around us and finding a formal way to address and highlight the issue was the prime motto of this activity. The students identified R.K.Puram lake as being polluted and as being polluted and filed a petition in change.org.

 Go Organic: Students were educated on the perils of pesticides and the advantages of organic food.

Bio Diversity Lessons for the Design Bio-Mimicry:  Our creative students built a model of submarine using clay, akin to a fish. Like the fins of the fish help it to balance its body, a submarine could be balanced with fin like structures on both the sides.

All these activities have not only led to a better understanding on ways to create environmental sustainability, but have also motivated our students to educate people in their neighbourhood, to do the same.

Our students have pledged to contribute in every possible way  to ensure a clean and friendly environment. This quote sums it all up  – “The best way to predict your future is to create it” ~ Abraham Lincoln

 Ms. Guru Pyari & Ms. Preeti Gopalakrishnan, Facilitators