The Sequential Artists Workshop (SAW) is a school for cartooning, comics and graphic novels in Gainesville, Florida. SAW has different programs that teach the art of graphic storytelling to students of various age groups.

This week at DRS International School, we had some introductory sessions, for Grades VIII, IX and X. In these sessions, students were introduced to storytelling using the visual language of comics. They were shown examples from around the world with some interesting devices and techniques being highlighted, such as the use of ‘sound words’, and how they could be rendered visually. After that, students were given an exercise in making their own sequential story using three or four panels. They were challenged to use words as pictures in an expressive way, and to tell a story within the constraints of short space and time.

The aim of the workshop is to give students a powerful visual-verbal language in which to express themselves and tell stories creatively.