We attended the TyE (The Young Entrepreneurs) Business Program in Hyderabad for three months on how to become young entrepreneurs. In February of this year, we won the TYE Business Plan competition. We would be representing Hyderabad in TYE Global 2016, to be held at Portland, US. Nothing could be as exciting as representing your state at an international level!

We set off to the US, in June, completely prepared for our trip since we were travelling without any adult supervision. Once we reached the US, we prepared for our presentation and coordinated with the other group members for practice sessions.  We also met other participants from Delhi, Vancouver, Seattle, Florida, Boston etc. It was a great experience to meet up with other participants.

The presentation and pitching began on June 24; we gained confidence as the day progressed. Once our presentation started, the judges keenly listened to our pitch, with our device and business plan in their hands. Once the presentation was done, the questions began, which we answered confidently. We finished with a warm handshake from all the judges and compliments from parents, groups and other participants who said that they were quite impressed with our idea. Later in the evening, we attended a ‘Spaghetti party’ where we got a chance to bond and make friends from across the globe.  It was a big day for us!

The results were declared the next day; it was disheartening to know that we didn’t win in any category. However, it was encouraging when a TyE Executive came up to us and said that we had an amazing product and promised to provide any help we required. He also stated that we were not supposed to lose hope, which certainly did motivate us!

We are happy to have got an opportunity to participate in the Program and meet people from different countries! After all, participation is important than winning.. We lost the competition but we won the hearts of the people and the judges!

Alsmith & Cynthia, IBDP