“There are no mistakes in improv, only unexpected results…”

Theater needn’t always be sombre. The residential students of Grade VIII discovered this to their surprise when they had an introductory session on Improvisational Theater. Improv, in its purest form is about uninhibited spontaneity, impulse and humour. In a series of Improv games designed to challenge the students into performance, their abilities to problem-solve in teams, respond and adapt to changing settings, prompts and characters were all called in to play.

Short-form Improve games such as ‘News-cast’ and ‘Yes, I remember that’ helped students shake off their initial hesitation, really delve into their characters and grasp the essence of the genre better while sketches in ‘Inner thoughts’, ‘Gibberish’ and ‘Death by…’ on the second day of the workshop pushed them into stretching their creative limits and really brought out their innate flair for performance. The students’ interest and curiosity led to a short but interesting tangential discussion on method acting and the screening of ‘El Pollito Pio’ performed by Luciano Rosso.


Ferzine Imtiaz, Facilitator