“Among the forces that assist us to cultivate the spiritual qualities latent within us—such as kindness, justice, truthfulness, and trustworthiness—are the love of God, attraction to beauty, and thirst for knowledge.”(Baha’i Holy Scriptures)

In the fast world of practical lives we tend to give up on details and aesthetics. Attraction to beauty is an innate quality that even small infants are found to be gazing at beauty for longer time. Physical beauty is admired by all and it needs no explanation. Instinctively every human being has the tendency to look for beauty and order.

We take pleasure in the beauty of the natural world and engage in appreciating its beauty through art, music and poetry. Our response to the elegance of the manifest beauty in the form of discipline, order and symmetry underlies our search for transcendence.

The law of attraction and gravity works with the law of love, a quality that is the cause of the creation of the world and all that is in it. At one level this law works with attraction to beauty or in our response to the elegance of an idea or a scientific theory. At another level, attraction to beauty underlies our search for order and the meaning in our lives.

The operation of these and other edifying forces contribute to the strengthening of our sense of purpose, impelling us both to transform ourselves and to contribute to the transformation of society.

The environment though is a physical aspect of life. However order discipline, symmetry and beauty are conducive to spiritual qualities. An environment which gives importance to detailed neatness and order will not attract littering.

School and homes that have decoration and beauty in their setting have proved to be well kept even by smaller children.

The essence of attraction to beauty reflects itself in the creation of a sense of love for cleanliness and love for other qualities such as the refinement of character and qualities latent within us such as kindness, justice, truthfulness, and trustworthiness. The love of God is the innate nature of man in attraction to beauty as it is the reflection of his names and attributes.

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