20th January, 2017

DRSIS was host to delegates from the Indian School of Business and Finance (ISBF), Delhi to conduct the workshop Playnomics: The Win-Win Game for the students of grade XI & IBDP-1. Mr. Chirag Mehta (Associate Dean) and Ms. Prachi Mehta (Assistant Manager Outreach) were accompanied by their final year student, Mr. Sai Kiran, who is also an ex-student of DRSIS.

The purpose of the workshop was to demonstrate how international trade takes place, along with its benefits. The game mimics an international trade scenario, where the countries with varied resources trade amongst each other. The students were made familiar with the concept and rationale of International Trade and how countries interact with each other by skillfully deploying the resources at their disposal. They learnt the principle of specialization, division of labour and how coordination, along with the delegation of responsibilities helps them attain a competitive edge globally. The understanding of the theory of Comparative Advantage, by David Ricardo, through its application in the workshop was extremely beneficial to the students.