The residential students of grades VI and VII got the opportunity to let their imaginations run wild in a session conducted for them this Sunday. Nonsense verse is a form of Nonsense Literature that was made popular by the likes of Dr. Seuss, Edward Lear and Spike Milligan. It is a blend of humourous light verse as well as a strong sense of rhythm and rhyme that is known for its capacity for the absurd and the imaginative.IMG_4612.JPGIMG_4606.JPG

The session began on an upside-down note with a complete reversal of the traditional classroom and a few funny warm up exercises to set the tone. This was followed by readings of poems by Lewis Caroll and Ogden Nash. Inspired and amused by the poems and the exercises, the students then set out to identify and list the elements of nonsense verse that made it distinct from other forms of poetry. Emboldened by the process, the students then tried their hand at making their own nonsense verses, with some choosing to illustrate them for better effect.

Here’s an excerpt from a poem by Rohit of VII B:

The Topsy-Turvy Poem

”When I woke up,
I was up and down.
The sky was down,
And the ground was up.
My bed was on me.
I saw a tree
Hanging on a cat…”