Fieldtrip: Inquiry 5

Grade IV

Inquiry: Religion

Theme- How we express ourselves

Field trip: Sarva Dharm Sthal

Place:      AOC centre, Secunderabad.

Date:      11/1/17

Teachers: Ms.Bhavika Patel, Ms.Jyothsna, Ms.Sneha

No. of students:  60

No. of facilitators:  03

No. of other elders: 03

Amount spent for field trip: –

Central idea: Beliefs and values enriches culture

Inquiry into:

  • Understanding beliefs and values
  • Religions around the world
  • Unity in Diversity

Teachers comment: The trip was really interesting and great learning experience. Students were excited to observe the different places of worship and analyze their beliefs and values system. They were enthusiastic to visit Mahabodhi Buddhist temple where they have participated actively in the guest lecture given by the Monk.Now they have clear understanding of Unity in diversity and how to cooperate and appreciate all the religions around the world. They have learnt to be tolerant, be an open-minded and respect other cultures and celebrations.