Coat of Arms have traditionally been used by royal families, aristocrats, kingdoms and warrior clans to represent their values, strengths and aspirations. Today, although very few countries and families continue to use coat of arms, they are still used by football teams and a few corporations to represent their visions. The modern-day concept of ‘logo’ is derived from the coat of arms. The discussion held helped the students differentiate between coat of arms, logos and sigils.




The residential students of Grade VIII got an opportunity this Sunday to explore the different elements of the coat of arms. Inspired by the examples given to them, the student set about making word-clouds to brainstorm words and values that hold special meaning to them and represent their motto in life. After this exercise, the students took time to create their own crests, shields, banners and supporters, developing their own personal coat of arms. While some of them used heraldic and traditional symbols, some students decided to give their work a contemporary and authentic twist by incorporating symbols of gadgets and unusual supporters like ants and syringes.




The students had fun representing their families, places of origins and people that inspire them in their personal coat of arms. Creating their personal motto was an inspiring and motivating task. In the end, the students made legends to help readers decode their work and shared them with their peers. Many of them have even been inspired to collaborate with their families to develop a family crest…

-Ferzine Imtiaz, Workshop Facilitator