Grade 1 visited Sudha Cars Museum as part of Field Trip for the ongoing Inquiry on “Transport” on Friday the 17th of February. The only handmade “Wacky” car museum in the world engaged and hooked the first graders till the end.

The museum has a collection of roadway vehicles. It has ensemble of early cars – Rolls Royce as old as 1911, a Moris Miner 1950, Old Ambassador and Padmini Fiat cars; and early bikes – Yezdi, Old Royal Enfield models. It has a section on second world war vehicles. Most appreciated by first graders were innovative models like, shoe car, bed car, pencil car, eraser car, Football car, Ladoo car, and the record holding longest tricycle. All the models are working models.

Children were completely absorbed in these fascinating vehicles. Few like Kapish and Mishka couldn’t help keep their hands off and tried to have a ride but in vain! The big question being “Why can’t we ride these vehicles????????” The children had so many questions – Nainika – “How can there be a cycle train?, Serena – How does a small lipstick car work ?, Jagrav & Jai – How fast do these vehicles go?” Well, the PYP first graders had lots to learn as Inquirers and got an in-depth and real feel of land transport vehicles.