Celebrating Science and Math with IBDP Students at DRS International School

“Science and Mathematics can be fun” is a concept that has prevailed for so long and today at DRSIS there was a showcase of a completely different idea. Exhibitions have always existed in two forms, one where the “fun” side is presented and the other where they discuss “thesis papers”. However, DRSIS students managed to collaborate these two ideas of the exhibition as a whole. While the IBDP 2 students presented audience with their research proposal ideas, IBDP 1 students displayed various kinds of projects. Ideas ranged from acid rains to rollercoasters to holograms and to smoke-bombs! The student, teacher and parent community were invited to this exhibition which helped everybody not only understand but also actively exercise their passion to indulge in the school related activities. In total there were around 24 projects that adorned the ground floor corridors and everybody seemed to be glowing under the influence of the intellectual energy. Here are a few projects that captivated the audience:

  1. Hologram
  2. Artificial silk- Rayon
  3. A model of a vacuum cleaner
  4. A thesis paper on calculus

Overall it was a great effort from students, facilitators and school management. As an educational institute, DRSIS has managed to fulfil its very reason for existing; spreading knowledge and empowering the whole community.


Written by Kshitija Yerolkar – IBDP 2 student

DRS International School