Just recently I came across a news report, which made me feel shocked. As some lady from the TV box was stating, there is a well-planned scheme, where kids are involved in some game X through internet and where they have to complete particular dangerous tasks. Through psychological tricks, they completely brainwash childrens’ minds, making them do stupid and dangerous things. And you won’t believe that kids play it: there are 27 hashtags in popular social network and it’s increasing with every minute.

Moreover, when they are close to the end of the game, the biggest reward is the child’s own suicide. And what’s more serious, they actually take their own lives. Very sadly, according to reports, the number is not diminishing.
Why is it happening?! For me, personally, it’s matter of time and freedom. From the bottom of their hearts, parents badly want their children to live better than they did and provide them with everything what they, being children, didn’t have. Due to that, most of them try so hard and as a result they neither have time nor strength to spend some good quality time with their children at the end of the day.
However, according to some experience, I believe in saying that, the tricky truth is if you want to raise good children, we, as parents, should spend twice less money and twice more time with our precious ones.


I was observing one life story about parents’ spending time. It was a recently married couple waiting for their first baby. You could imagine how it was happening there, in 90s. The father was working hard for the sake of the family and especially the upcoming member, finding different ways to have more income. Meanwhile, the mother was carefully preparing for and expecting the baby. Eventually, that day had just come. They were really happy enjoying the new arrival, as all parents do, but after a few weeks, they had noticed that their precious baby had some issues. They had tried a lot of things and finally a miracle had happened. They really cared about this child. Mother, being at home and taking care of baby, she taught the child everything what she knew: together, they were learning the rhymes and the songs-and the baby was pretending to read books to others while saying those rhymes. Together, they learnt the alphabet and all the numbers before hand. Together, they had read the books and learnt how to write, even when the baby was struggling with particular ones and cried her eyes out. Together, they played games and learnt whole table of multiplication.

In terms of freedom, having been very close with her mother and father in his/her early years, they started to trust the child and slowly-slowly he/she became independent. From grade 3, he/she started to do his/her own homework by himself/herself. Then he/she was involved in numerous school activities and contests, even having time and dedicating himself/herself to 7 years of music school. Completing her school and university with high marks and more importantly, good amount of work experience at the same time, he/she ended up now abroad, working towards a big goal.
From my perspective, that was not money, but the time the parents dedicated to the child, which played a crucial role in the development and formation of his/her identity.


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