Theory of Knowledge Boot Camp

A Theory of Knowledge event was designed for students to self-engage and thrash out the approaches necessary to create a profound understanding of this compulsory IBDP component. The objective of this ToK event was for students to explore various components of knowledge and theorizing possible approaches to it.

Students worked independently in groups in two separate events:

1. Ideathon: An Ideathon is an interactive activity based on the concept of ideation, that simply refers to creation of ideas. It refers to a nonstop marathon of coming up with ideas to solve a specific problem or issue.

The students were given four different knowledge issues, related to different areas of knowledge and ways of knowing. In groups of four, the students embarked on a relentless Ideathon. This event was scheduled for two hours, at the end of which each group discussed their issue with the rest of the class, and assess whether they have made appropriate and feasible arguments.

2. Role Play: Students used the technique of role play to investigate the framework of each area of knowledge (AoK) and way of knowing (WoK). Each student was assigned a role, for e.g., the ‘voice’ of Reason or the ‘voice’ of Ethics. They worked within the context of a specific historical or current real life situation given to them and present their views as an AoK/WoK themselves.

Students worked through the day, interacting and investigating issues and conclusions.