DRSIS parenting

Parent beware your kid is watching you. Children observe parent and although they do not process some of the actions in their mind, they do record it in precision. At some point of time they analyze and process the data to understand it. Think about your earliest memories of your childhood and you realize that although you could not comprehend the meanings of some words but like a tape recorder you could even reproduce the words and actions. Especially slangs and abusive words are easier to learn. Children observe and emulate parents with great love and care. The modeling of parents is basis of learning in children particularly at an early age. Parenting unfortunately has no manual. Unlike other jobs for which every person needs some kind of training or certificate, parents are mostly made up of entrepreneurs with no experience and no certificate. During the project activity for Role Models many students wrote about their parents as role models and that is so rewarding for honored parents.

  • Actions speak louder than words. The best way to teach children is neither sermons nor dictates of rules. Role modeling is more emphatic.
  • Be a teacher not preacher
  • Give genuine encouragement at the right moment.
  • Don’t make them feel bad to behave well. Criticize as less as possible.
  • Be the change you want to bring about or rather to say, become the person you want your children to become.
  • Set ground rules and follow them. Discipline should start with self first and children second.
  • Various ways that parents walk, talk and deal with near and dear or strangers are the foundation for character building of children. So parent be alert your kid is watching you.

Janet Fanaian

Universal Human Value Educator

DRS International School