‘Paperless Week’ in the PYP


The PYP wing at DRSIS is geared up to observe a ‘Paperless Week’ from the 17th of April, with the week culminating in the World Earth Day Celebrations on the 22nd of April. The Week was flagged off during the morning assembly today, with Ms Ritika, the PYP Coordinator sharing a motivating message with the students about the need to conserve our ecological resources by using them judiciously. The assembly helped students realize the impact they could have by minimizing their use of paper. With an estimated use of about 3 reams of paper a week, the PYP wing certainly stands a good chance of making a difference this week!
With teachers and students swapping practice worksheets and paper resources for challenging and meaningful activities, the week is already off to a great start.  While Muhavre’s are being reflected on in groups through on-screen pictures, sentence-making in English is getting a great twist with videos. The ‘Paperless Week’ has already encouraged teachers to redesign and plan their methods of instruction and learning engagements creatively and has given impetus to the students to collaborate virtually and digitally. The ‘Paperless Week’ promises to create a lasting impact on the way we use and think about paper in the school, with students strengthening their resolve to make the planet a greener place!