The evening of the 14th of April was a special one for our residential students as every single boarder, right from Grade IV to Grade XII, took to the stage to try their hand at the Intra-Group Extempore competition. The event encouraged our students to step up to the dais with emboldened confidence and a willingness to be spontaneous.


With creative and off-beat topics such as ‘The Three Most Dangerous Things In the World’ and ‘If I were God for One Day’, as well as topics that pushed the students to argue for controversial issues such as ‘Should India play Cricket with Pakistan?’, the event saw our students brainstorm on the spot to reason out aloud and show-off their originality and talent. Many newcomers to the hostel wowed everyone present with their skill and ease.


G. Varun (Grade V), Ishitray (Grade VI), Karthik (Grade VII), Krushita (Grade VIII), Anjali (Grade IX), Sri Nidhi (Grade X) and Vimala Sakshi (Grade XII) emerged the clear winners, standing out from the crowd with their flair for words and with the confidence they presented their ideas.