Raising the bar for the inter-house events that are in store for the rest of the new academic year, the Inter-House Elocution Competition got off to a terrific start. Our students of the secondary and senior secondary wings oozed confidence as they took to the stage this morning. The senior students tackled the pertinent topic of ‘How Media is affecting our Thinking and our Lifestyle’ while the juniors took on the topic ‘Tolerance is a pre-requisite for a Peaceful India’ head-on!

The event challenged the students into finding the tricky balance between speaking meaningfully keeping in mind the parameters of content, language, gestures and time-management. While the senior secondary students dissected how the media and its sensationalism and weakness to succumb to the vested interests of advertising industry, many students also offered counter-points that portrayed a more optimistic view of the media and its potential for creating positive impact.
The juniors, on the other hand, spoke at length about India’s glorious heritage and history of tolerance, and the impact each one of us can have in furthering this legacy so that we can co-exist peacefully.

The judges had a particularly tough time choosing the winners as each student not only maintained their composure and steadied any nervousness by overcoming their fears, but also demonstrated their talent and depth of intellect by articulating their thoughts exceptionally well.