Ms Anupama Muhuri and Ms Uma Bodapati from the HQ of CRY (Child Rights and You), Hyderabad, gave our students an interactive talk about how each one of them could make a huge difference to children around India through simple ways. The session, initiated by the DRSIS Community & Humane Club explored ‘Child Labour in India’ in detail and why each child deserves a ‘Healthy, Happy and Creative Childhood’.




The talk began by encouraging our students to ponder over what causes happiness and if real happiness consists in giving and reaching out. Ms Muhuri and Ms Bodapati introduced the students to CRY’s humble beginnings and its inspiring outreach work, demonstrating how the smallest acts and groups of people can create unimaginable impact. ‘No idea is small, no person is insignificant’ was one of the messages that really struck a chord with our students.

The session, using powerful stories and videos, also provoked our students to look into the growing menace of child labour in India. The speakers reiterated that child labour can be both visible and invisible and that even unpaid, domestic work can steal happy childhoods and deprive kids of access to education.


Inspiring and motivating in equal measure, the talk is sure to go a long way in inspiring our students into taking action in meaningful ways, whether it be volunteering or being part of an awareness campaign, or even just putting their skills and abilities to nobler use!