Yesterday afternoon saw the school abuzz with activity as the different clubs met with their members to explore new territory! The club meet had a little something for each student!


The Eco Club set the year in motion by encouraging students to make innovative models such as pencil pouches, paper weights and chocolate boxes out of used plastic bottles. This best-out-of-waste activity provoked students into thinking about the possibilities that reusing and upcycling held.


The Visual Arts club introduced students to the different elements of figure-drawing and character-sketching in creating cartoonists. Our budding cartoonists had a great time choosing, mixing and matching to create their own characters.




‘Literary Express’, an engaging platform organized by the Literary Club in the library, saw students collaborate to enlist the objectives of the club and brainstorm on the literary skills they needed to develop.



The MUN club, meanwhile, saw students getting exploring the roles of the Secretariat, Organizing Committee, Executive Board and Delegates in the Model United Nations and how they correspond to the real-life functioning of these bodies in the United Nations Organization. The meeting was equally informative and inspiring.

The Cuisine Club discussed their plan of activities for the year and enjoyed sharing and discussing the recipe of delicious coconut balls with all member students from Grades 6-10. The club believes in promoting flameless cooking for young children and a tasty treat such as this is definitely a promising start!


The DRSIS Community & Humane Club members spent the afternoon creating pen holders and stands with low-cost and resusable materials like popsicle and ice-cream sticks. The activity was creatively challenging as well as promoted social responsibility.

The Music Club saw introductions being made as students and teachers got to know each other better. Students were segregated according to their interests in vocal and instrumentals. ‘Gift of a friend’ was also introduced to the students.


The Performing Arts Club, had an equally eventful meeting with the students grooving to Latin dance songs such as Bailando. Students explored a few Latin dance steps and thoroughly enjoyed doing so.



The geeks of the Design & Technology Club had an interesting meet, dismantling a CPU cabinet and examining its insides. They identified the internal hardware components and understood their functioning in an up-close, hands-on manner!


With each of the clubs raising the bar, there’s no doubt why club-meets continue to be the one of the most-awaited events in the calendar!