Here at DRS, we understand that there’s nothing quite as powerful as the bond between a parent and a child. To do our bit to celebrate and nurture this special bond, the IB PYP Wing hosted a Parent Involvement Activity for the parents of our little ones studying in the International Kindergarten and Grades 1 & 2.


A range of fun games and activities made the day extremely special. Parents were grouped in three and were guided through three stations of activities. Paper Art, which was a fun blend of wire art and papier mache encouraged the adults to dabble in a little sculpture with their wee ones, while fun with clay was a real hands-on experience. The Photobooth drew huge crowds who wanted a click to remember the fun day by and the one-of-a-kind Wishing Tree was certainly a highlight. The fun and games also helped parents actively bond with their little one. Without doubt, however, ‘Showstopper’, a platform for our parents to showcase their talent was the real attraction of the day! The parents of our students dazzled everyone with their confidence and myriad talents, inspiring their children in the process as well. Quite a few parents teamed up with their kids to perform, making for many adorable and memorable performances.