Walnut Salads and Powtoon-powered animations can only collide in DRS International School! Yesterday afternoon, saw our students engrossed in their hobbies as all the clubs convened for the first meet of the month.



Each club delivered well-thought out activities for the students to experience, participate in and learn from. The Literary Club members put their theatre skills to the test with a role play while Visual Arts Club experimented with Water Colour techniques.



Those with a flair for expressing themselves through dance enjoyed learning to ‘pop and lock’, the hip-hop way while our musically inclined students stretched their limits with vocal exercises.


Our eco-warriors of Eco Sustainability Club, contemplated the implications of generating e-waste on a mass-scale through an essay. A motivational talk spurred our members of the Community & Humane Club to work hard at creating little crafts and goodies to be raise donations in the upcoming Fiesta for a noble cause.


The students of the Cuisine Club put together a delicious and healthy Walnut Salad that was certainly drool-worthy. The Design and Technology Club, meanwhile, introduced its members to the magic of Windows Live Movie Maker and helped them experiment with animation with story-board making using the software tool ‘Powtoon’. The MUN club, on the other hand, explored the structure of the United Nations Organization. A productive afternoon, indeed.