This Saturday, our PYP Parent Community of students studying in Grades III-V had a gala time with their kids in school! The Parent Involvement Activity, was truly ‘hands-on’ with activities that were creative and collaborative like papier mache, clay modelling, fun games and power-packed performances.


There was a touch of the whimsical in the air, with the ambience featuring both aquatic and monsoon elements. The event encouraged the parents to let down their inhibitions and participate alongside their kids with child-like enthusiasm. From energetic dances, song recitals and even a skit, the ‘Showstopper’ event was quite a hit with everyone.

Untitled design (2)

 The ‘Make a Wish’ Tree was truly the centre of attraction, and inspired participants to send out their wishes out in to the world, together. The quirky Photobooth also drew a lot of visitors and gave them a souvenir to remember the day by. The event is sure to be remembered for some time to come.