They say prevention is better than cure! As part of its ongoing preventive ‘Anti-Addiction’ Drive, DRS International School organized a guest lecture by Dr. Harish Reddy from Sahara Mind Clinic as well as an informative Poster Display to create awareness about types of addictions, their effects and coping strategies…


 The interactive talk by Dr. Reddy shed light on the different types of drugs and the process of becoming an addict and the importance of staying vigilant and firm against peer pressure and gateway drugs. The Psychiatrist spoke at length about the physiological and social repercussions of drug abuse and sensitized the students about the importance of timely prevention and both social and professional intervention, besides support. The talk helped students find answers to their queries and also helped dispel many myths.


The Poster Display highlighted that addictions are not restricted to substance abuse but also extend to lesser-known addictions such as ludomania, gaming and shopping addictions. The Posters visually represented how the brain is hardwired into falling for the reward circuit and outlined steps for both prevention & rehabilitation. The anti-addiction drive was a success with students pledging to create further awareness in their own circles!