The Qutb Shahi dynasty (or Golconda Sultanate) has contributed vastly to the history of Hyderabad with their legendary patronage of arts, architecture and science. On the 26th and 27th of July, our students of Grades VII & VIII ventured out to the Golconda Fort for a field trip into the past! A detailed map of the fort showing the different entrances welcomed the curious students to explore the fort and all its secrets.

The guide at the fort, playfully explained the story and purpose behind each structure as well as the chronological order of the monarchy and the dynastic rule.The students tried to derive a logical sequence of every element of the fort, focusing on some in particular.



The fort of Golconda is well-known for its magical acoustic system and this fascinated the students. The highest point of the fort – the “Bala Hissar”, the palaces, factories, water supply system and the famous “Rahban” cannon, within the fort were all points for interest and discussion for the students. The students returned back to school with an the experience of an inspiring slice of history.