Our Grade VI students of both the CBSE & the CIE visited the ‘Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad’ to explore first-hand how animals are classified according to their eating habits. The Zoo is the first in India to have animals arranged in Zoological order, in open enclosures. Such open enclosures, as they have a natural ambience, make animals feel at home. Students enriched their knowledge about how eating habits determine classification by finding the answers to their questions through direct observation and inquiry. Students related their existing knowledge acquired during the lesson, ‘Food: Where does it come from?’ to their experiences in the field trip.


The students got the opportunity to observe different several indigenous animals like Asiatic Lions, Royal Bengal Tigers (Yellow & White), Panthers, Indian Rhino, Gaur, Several primates, Bears, Deers, Antelopes, Birds, Reptiles etc. Exotic animals like Giraffe, Iguanas, and Chimpanzee were also a treat to see.


Being one of the first zoos to open a Butterfly Park in the 90s, the students enjoyed spotting different species of butterflies in the Park. Several host plants have been specially planted in this park to attract the Butterflies. Aviaries with recently added birds was definitely an add-on attraction for our curious students as well.


The renovated Aquarium with its large fish tanks had several aquatic species on display. Both fresh water and marine aquatic life were studied closely by our students, who were fascinated by their colours and striations.


On the whole, the field trip was a unique hands-on learning experience four our sixth graders, who now have plenty of primary data to base their learning on!