Coffee Mornings are fun at DRSIS. The IB PYP Coffee Morning held on this Saturday was an excellent opportunity for parents to come along and hear all about the exciting things that are happening at DRSIS as well as learn ways in which to help and encourage learning at home. It was a good opportunity to meet school staff, chat with other parents and learn about a range of different things over a cup of tea and biscuits.


The children presented to the parents what they did in the whole of this inquiry through charts, PPT’s, explained slides on summative assessment and did group activity work on which they were assessed. They described to the parents the stages of Inquiry, how the inquiry goes about, what they have learnt and how did they do the inquiry. The UOI were based on themes like ‘Homes’, ‘Rights and Responsiblities’, Human Body, Tribes etc. They performed skits on cutting trees, traffic rules, maintaining cleanliness, public rights & rules and wrote points under ‘Tea Charts’. Role plays were also done with the help of model presentations, puppet shows, Songs, poems and dances on Gond tribes, Native America and Zulu tribes, Human Body, about cells, tissues, organs and organ systems as part of their Inquiry.


The parents were all happy to see their kids performance and appreciated the Coffee Morning concept. A rubric was made for the parents to grade the children. They were given chance to ask questions during the presentations to know more about the UOI. They also shared experiences and gave suggestions including ways to help the children with their learning and support on a wide range of matters.