DRS International School hosted its 5th Model United Nations Conference, the DRSMUN2K17 from the 4th to the 6th of August, 2017, at the school’s campus. A highly anticipated event in the student community of Hyderabad, the conference saw nearly 400 participants from across 30 schools in attendance. The school has associated previously with the United Nations Information Center for India & Bhutan (UNIC) to make the conference as realistic a simulation as possible of actual proceedings. The three-day student-event began with an opening ceremony, inaugurated by Dr Soumya Mishra (IPS), the Inspector General of Police (Welfare) and the Directors of the school, who also released the delegate Hand-book of the conference.


The eight committees and panels at the conference had agenda that ranged from current global concerns such as Information Security, the situation in the Middle-East, to the rights of humanitarian workers in conflict areas. The committees saw intense and stimulating discussions over the three days that gave students hands-on experience of discussing, caucusing, drafting, deliberating and voting on resolutions. DRSMUN2K17 was also a call to action, with the DRSMUN2K17 President, Ms Janet Fanian urging the students to make the choice to be active peace-makers”.


 DRSMUN2K17 drew to a close on the evening of the 6th with a bang! Day Three of the conference was an exciting one, with seven of the eight committees coming to consensus about their resolutions. Ms Neelima Dwivedi, Vice President of Public Policy, Government Affairs & Sustainablity, PepsciCo India, the Chief Guest, along with the school’s Director, Mr A K Agarwal, and the other dignitaries present, gave away the awards to the participants at the closing ceremony on the evening of the 6th. Besides awarding the best delegates from each committee, the best photo-journalist and the best reporter, the school also recognized delegates for High Commendation, Special Mention & Verbal Mention in the conference. Committee Chairpersons and Vice-chairpersons were also applauded for their expertise and for steering the committees ably.
The Secretary-General, Manas Varalwar captured the spirit of the conference when he quipped that he equates the success of the event with the participants’ ability to “…answer one simple question at the end of the MUN- ‘What makes you who you are?’”


The school’s Principal Dr Gaurav Muradia encouraged the participants to translate their passion into action when he said that ‘the real work begins when the conference has ended…’


With DRSMUN2K17 grabbing the limelight in MUN circles this year, the school’s MUN next year promises to be bigger and better.