Our students broadened their learning horizons as each club provided enrichment activities in their own way.



Our Literary Club students made Bookmarks on ‘literacy’ to promote the awareness for the need of literacy. The Visual Arts Club made attractive Tribal masks that captured their exotic nature well. The Performing Arts Club students practiced in preparation for the Independence Day while the Music Club got involved in the composition of music for the Sports Meet/Independence Day. The Design And Technology Club students were introduced to making of medleys and explored a range of different genres of music using the software,  “Audacity”.



The Eco-Sustainability Club worked on a campus-survey on Green Tax and learned more about its importance and implementation.The Community & Humane Club created pen stands and designed hand-made greeting cards for the Annual Fiesta display sale, doing their bit towards the community.The Cuisine Club enjoyed making a ‘Spicy Corn Salad’. The DRSMUN Club, meanwhile, discussed and reflected on their participation in the DRSMUN 2K17 held recently, with the the first-timers sharing their  experience of the event.