As part of their Unit of Inquiry-‘Human Actions Have an Impact on the Universe’, the IB PYP students of Grade V at DRS International School went on a field trip to the famous Indian Science museum -Birla Planetarium located in Hyderabad to learn more about the universe.The students interacted with the curator to understand the components of the Universe and its unique features and also enjoyed watching a 3D show about the ‘Universe’.

They even explored the Art GallerIMG_6626y which has a rare collection, breathtaking displays and a unique Natural History Gallery called the ‘Dinosaurium Museum’ with exhibits of the excavated fossils of dinosaurs, marine shells, fossilized tree trunks and eggs etc. This field trip served the purpose of helping the students to comprehend the wonders of universe and watching the galleries helped them to go back to about 160 million years ago and estimate the age of universe and our planet.