On 10th & 11th January 2018, a well deserved field trip was planned for the CIE & CBSE students from VI to VIII to Organo Farms, Moinabad located in the outskirts of Hyderabad which was fantastic and fruitful.  The students experienced a day filled with lot of  learning experiences that contributed to their understanding.

The day started with the visit to the dairy farm where they were showed how the cows are been taken care of and they are able to supply A2 milk for the ‘Naandians’ and lead a healthy and better life. The students were shown how biodegradable waste has been used to make fertilizers for the plants without using any kind of chemicals. Rain water harvesting and the vegetable garden had added to the beauty of the entire farm. They were extremely excited to see fish in the pond and experience some natural pedicure. Another attractive experience which led closer to nature was when students involved themselves in making pottery on their own. The chilled water served in earthern glasses rejuvenated them. They had also been shown ways to make compost, natural fertilizers and pesticides and how each species was interdependent on each other. This made the students realize the interconnectedness of things.IMG_20180110_115556

In the dining hall, which is the largest bamboo structure in India, the students were given the chance to share and reflect on their experiences. Several activities like elocution, drawing and essay writing were conducted. A photo session with motivational posters was also taken. Not only did they enthusiastically participate in activities and fill in their feedback forms, but they also shared their experience on life outside Organo and life at Organo. The visit concluded with a lunch that was fully organic and unarguably delicious. The students expressed their gratitude to the ‘Organo Farm’, and the two delegates from ‘Times of India’ for hosting them.