Our students of Grade- 9 (CBSE & IGCSE) visited the ‘Telangana Sports School’ located in Hakimpet, Hyderabad. Students had a chance to visit the campus and view arenas of different sports like gymnastics, athletics, cricket, tennis etc. They interacted with the coaches and tried to clarify their doubts and share their views about indigenous sports. They enjoyed playing different sports and recalled the importance of sports for their physical fitness. They even realized the contribution of sports to the country’s development. This field trip was truly a great break from their regular academic activities and enlightened them about importance of sports.


The school was founded by B.Parameshwaram in 1993. The school believes that sports are also equally important as academics. The school gives professional coaching to children who are good in sports. The government sponsors education for students and top boys and girls who are good in sports and ensure they are given admission in the Telangana Sports School. It is the only sports school in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.