Trailblazers Adventure Travel Pvt. Ltd., going by the tag line-‘The Outdoor School’ organized a workshop named- ‘Beyond Classroom‘ for teachers from different schools at Pragati Resorts Hyderabad on the 9th of August. Facilitators from DRSIS, Ms. Rekha Rani and Mr. Sunil Tiwari have attended this workshop. The main objective of this workshop was to train teachers as global leaders in providing outdoor experiences that bring about learning in life.

During this workshop, enriching and unique outdoor activities were conducted. To name a few-

  1. Art and Cosmic Connection Introduce the Universe and the solar system to students using art, with an activity developed by Monica Aiello and Tyler Aiello. This activity requires an artist’s eye to make sense of science and scientist’s eye to deepen one’s art.
  2. River Puzzle-This activity helps students to brainstorm how land is used along river in their watershed. Teachers have arranged pieces representing places along a river from source to mouth and discuss impacts of downstream in a watershed.
  3. Food Chain and Web Game– An activity that explained a marine version of the existing food chain, introducing plastic as a threat to life in the oceans and Food web game is a fun way to learn about different relationships present in nature between various organisms.

Various activities conducted for teachers in this workshop are quite different from traditional workshops and they provided space for self-discovery, creative thinking and innovation, aspiring to transform the way the students can see the world.